SLM Consulting provides assessment and improvement planning services to guide hospitals, community coalitions, and health departments  to improve the health where people live, work, learn, and play. SLM Consulting helps facilitate a community-driven process through strategic engagement of multi-sector stakeholders and partners to improve communities’ health and assists hospitals, coalitions, and health departments to applying strategic thinking to prioritize health issues and identify evidence-based interventions that support community health improvements. Consistent with best practices in the field, SLM Consulting helps identify comprehensive data collection methods important to understand a community's assets, challenges and experiences. SLM Consulting believes in the building the capacity of clients by providing them with the education and tools necessary to understand their community’s health and create long term and sustainable impact on health.

Emphasis on healthy equity by understanding the social determinants of health and all of the factors that truly define the health of a community, including underserved populations.

Community-driven process that includes a multi-sector, collaborative approach which includes a diverse group of community stakeholders, key decision makers, and community leaders.

Comprehensive information gathering and data collection process that uses mixed methods that help paint the picture of the true health of a community.


When it comes time to take action on a project, sometimes it is a challenge to move from a broad goal to effective and strategic action. SLM Consulting can support your organization to develop an effective action plan using measurable objectives that address priority issues and achieve measurable outcomes. SLM Consulting has experience providing technical assistance to community organizations, coalitions and worksites to develop their action plan and move from planning to implementation.


Case Study

Led a state-wide initiative focused on Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Planning designed to engage and support communities through multi-sector collaborations to understand and improve their health using evidence-based strategies. Activities to support the initiative include facilitation of a grant opportunity, designed to support communities through the process using training, technical assistance and resources. We have successfully led six communities through the process, where they identified evidence-based strategies to address their priority health issues, including access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities.