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SLM Consulting has experience developing training and educational resources to inform evidence-based public health practice and build community capacity to address population health. SLM Consulting can work with you to convene workgroups comprised of diverse public health professionals, community health members and key decision makers to build and strengthen multi-sector partnerships, as well as facilitate discussion and informed decision making to guide strategic planning efforts.



SLM Consulting uses data driven, evidence-based strategies to achieve public health solutions that impact community health. SLM Consulting can support your research and evaluation needs using mixed methods that takes the guesswork out of identifying where and how to gather and disseminate quality data. SLM Consulting can also work with your organization to secure funding to turn your ideas into reality, using our experience with grant writing and coordination.



SLM Consulting can assist you by translating evidence-based practices into planning, implementation and management of public health projects and programs to achieve measurable outcomes. SLM Consulting has experience with evidence-based community health interventions working with both public and private sector agencies including state health departments, worksites, universities, and non-profit agencies

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SLM Consulting offers strategic planning services that utilize a multi-sector approach to facilitate the community health needs assessment and improvement planning process to inform development of a strategic action plan focused on improving community health.  SLM Consulting can also support your organization to develop an effective action plan using measurable objectives that address priority issues and achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes.