Evaluation is key to understanding the impact programs and projects, informed by data.

SLM Consulting takes the guesswork out of data. We help support program evaluation focused on identifying measurable outcomes to improve and account for public health actions. We support data collection, research, and analysis that answers the why and what, to support evaluation efforts and data driven public health approaches focused on improving population health and achieving health equity.

Data Collection & Analysis

We support appropriate data collection through surveys, secondary data collection, focus groups, key informant interviews, etc., to elicit and analyze feedback of specific populations to support to drive public health practice and outcomes.

program evaluation

We utilized an evidence-based approach to identify measures and that drive planning effective public health strategies, improving existing programs, and demonstrating the results of resource investments.

SLM Consulting has provided technical assistance and evaluation support to SDSU Extension Field Specialists to address physical activity and nutrition behaviors in tribal communities.
— University Director, South Dakota State University Extension


let us help make sense out of data and help demonstrate impact.